Our Story

It happens every time. Right before you compete…when the nerves want to take over, but you don’t let them. You overcome, take a deep breath, and find the quiet confidence of trusting in yourself, your horse, and your equipment. You back in the box or go through the alleyway and make your run. You don’t hear anything and then all of sudden, it’s over. You breathe and everything becomes loud. That feeling afterward, that’s why we do what we do….nothing comes close to it.

At Rattler Rope, we make the products that get you to that moment. The moment all of us competitors consider euphoria, it can only be felt leaving the arena after you perform your best. It never lasts as long as it should, and it always leaves you wanting more. It’s what drives us to be the best we can be and put the blood, sweat, and tears into preparation to make it happen again and again.

Our community knows our products are a constant denominator in this equation. Whether you use the GT4, Triton, Spitfire, Viper, Striker, piggin strings or goat strings, we are the tools of the trade you need to get where you are going. We have the most loyal customers and if you are new to our brand, we want to invite you to our community and show you our “why” and be along for the ride of your journey. Things are about to get good!